fredag 27. april 2012

Brisbane wedding in Barbados!

Where to start..??? Well, this picture says a lot actually. There is no place like the Caribbean!
And there´s for sure no better place to have a wedding like ours! We had our dream wedding come true, and we will never be able to thank everybody who came and made our day the best of our lives - enough!
It was a party that even the Bajans was impressed by! - Ref " YOU people really know how to party !! " :D And that is a complement we´ll have to cherish!! Cause if there are some people in this world who knows how to really appreciate good life and rhythm - there you are; Caribbean people!! Shake it :D

I will share more pictures with you, and tell you the whole L o v e story..but right now, I don´t know where to begin! The whole trip has been overwhelmingly fantastic... Again - and again and again - to all of you beautiful people who came and made our wedding an unforgettable adventure - we LOVE you to bits!!!!!

L o v e and Bless,  Mrs Brisbane !!! :D


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