søndag 3. april 2011

To have and hold from this day forward..

INSPIRATION..  check this lovely link

Photo borrowed from Barcelona Vintage 

Mr M proposed to me 5.5 years ago, but we postponed our wedding plans when we got Mini M... suddenly a wedding wasn´t that important after all..
When you´ve decided to have a baby together; that basically mean you´ve decided to "stick" together through thick and thin.
Unfortunately, that´s not the case always... People "change their minds" quite easy these days.. ;)
And for some, that´s for the best for the child as well, so it´s hard to blame...

I happen to have the best man on this planet ;D
And even though Mini M is our symbol that nothing´s going to do us a part, we would love to celebrate our love with our closest family and friends!

A wedding is a great opportunity to unite all our beloved
for an unforgetable bubble-celebration! =D

Ps best thing about not being married yet... - so much to look forward to!!


Dreaming away.. Have a relaxing sunday =D

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