torsdag 2. juni 2011

Party of the year...

Happy birthday to you!!!


Stille før stormen... MiniM decorating
cupcakes. What a talent!;)

Happy moments
A Great time!!

What a beautiful card! A wardrobe our little princess is aiming for ;)
Time flies too fast!!

Some people say that the 4th birthday is one of the most important ones in a kids life... So far I really believe in this! MiniM has been looking forward to this day for months and months now... and now I understand why! It was a fantastic birthday! So many of her closest family came, and so many of her wonderful friends turned up! The fabulous Elephant showed up this year too, and it was absolutely brilliant!
MiniM was the happiest 4 year old that day..!
And we are the happiest parents..every singel day!

L o v e m

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  1. Årets bursdagsfest ! fantastisk muffins , fiiine bord.. som alltid MonaMi :) Gleder meg til å høre alt om turen ! Klemmer fra meg som stuck inne med hjemme eksamen i denne fine været *sukk*



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