lørdag 2. juli 2011

Cant´t wait!!

Happy times in Barbados

A Barbadian home...

Amazing beaches + lovely food!

Happy little angel...

Beautiful memories..

Am I most excited of the wedding or going back to Barbados?? ;D
I sort of know what Barbados is like, and it´s definitely the best place I´ve ever been to!
 A wedding, I know nothing about ;)
But I can IMAGINE it will be absolutely amazing! Getting married to the most handsome man on this planet! 
He can also be the most annoying person on this planet... but I guess that´s when you know it´s right...
Despite this last mentioned fact, I´ve got now doubt what so ever that this is the man I want to share my life with!  
 Look at the picture on top

No words  necessary..

They are my life.



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