tirsdag 5. juni 2012

Expat wife life...

Today I had my first "proper" expat wife-day since we got here ;) Woke up early. Had my lovely neighbour Kristy over for a nice coffee&breakfast. Sent a few e-mails, read the news and did some research on future job opportunities. Then I followed MiniM to school (around the corner), and went back home to do some more research. Feeling very effective, I got out and bought several birthday gifts (why are everybody born in May and June?? ;)) and some stuff for little miss B. Oh I love kids shops... and book stores! Back home I got into the lap pool and had a great training session! 
Then time to pick up MiniM and since my dear hubby is in HongKong this week we decided to eat out at one of our favorite places. Chicken&lice! 
I´m enjoying every minute of this time. I miss working now, but I know for sure that I will miss days like these when I start working again (!) 

Happy Tuesday!

Live and appreciate * Learn and share * Love and care * m

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  1. Kjempefin blogg! Deg skal titte innom, flotte bilder og spennende aa foelge din ferd. Jeg har selv bodd flere aar I utlandet og da tilbudet ang relocation til India kom paa drags orden valgte vi tilslutt aa reise hjem til Norge. Angrer noen ganger, mn det er jo deilig aa komme hjem til venner og familie. Lykke til I Singapore!



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