onsdag 20. juni 2012

Golden moments...

Mina is in ecstasy! She has a loose tooth! So early?! She´s constantly blabbering about the tooth fairy and when I asked her how much money she thought she was going to get for the tooth, she replied, "only one". So cute!
Only one(?), I said, and she could tell that yes but if you lost ALL your teeth at the same time (please no) then one would get the money notes - and that´s a lot of money! ;)
I´m laughing! My little baby...  I remember her first two teeth. And now the one on the bottom right is loose. How can she be so relaxed to lose a tooth! Even I get nervous with the thought! Is it because I no longer believe in the tooth fairy... -  ignorance is bliss! :)

Have a lovely day! Embrace it. There´s no day like this one in particular... XXX L O V E

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  1. Du verden, løs tann allerede! Tida går så vanvittig fort!!!!!!
    Akkurat det trenger jo dog ikke å være noen dårlig ting, for da er det ikke så lenge til vi ses igjen! <3
    Nyt dagene ja! Snakkes snart! :)
    Stor bamseklem



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